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Use Vegetation Studio

Example use case: You are using standard Vegetation Studio and want to convert some of the vegetation to flammable objects.

Additional Information:

You can use Ignis without shader animation with Vegetation Studio non-pro.

See instructions for Vegetation Studio Pro below. 

See above “Use with Unity terrain trees” to see how the fire will look without shader animation.

To set up Ignis with objects that you want to burn follow these steps:

  1. Enable Runtime Prefab spawner from the Vegetation studio system instance in scene.
  2. Select desired object you want to burn and click “Add run-time prefab rule”
  1. Add OAVA-Flame/Compatibility/Vegetation-Studio/Vegetation-Studio-Default… to the Runtime-prefab field. Select bush or tree depending on your object.
    1. You can also make/modify the fire prefab that is assigned here to make better flames specific for your vegetation. Just observe what is inside this prefab and create your own.
  2. Tick add vegetation item scale.
  1. Done! Now invisible flammable objects should spawn and set your objects to fire.

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