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Convert a tree

Example Use Case: You want your grass/fern to be able to catch fire.

  1. Select object(s) you want convert in object hierarchy (scene or prefab)
    1. Can be a parent which holds many LODs or child objects that you want to act as a single flammable object.
    2. Or can be a single object.
  2. Right-click -> OAVA-Convert -> Flammable Tree
    1. The functionality will enable “Use mesh fire”. Tree is a large object which should have many smaller fires within it so this functionality will place them automatically.
    2. If you want to enable/disable it for performance reasons you can do it in “Flammable Object->System->Use mesh fire”
  3. Done! Click FlammableObject->Flame VFX->Preview flame and start customizing the flames for your object.

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