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Convert a vegetation object

Example Use Case: You want your grass/fern to be able to catch fire.

  1. Select object(s) you want convert in object hierarchy (scene or prefab)
    1. Can be a parent which holds many LODs or child objects that you want to act as a single flammable object. Ignis can handle all renderers in the children.
    2. Or can be a single object.
  2. Right-click -> OAVA-Convert -> Flammable Vegetation
  3. Now your Vegetation should have script called “Flammable object”
  4. You can customize the burning areas by adding box colliders (can be triggers) or just leave the “calculate flammation area” to vegetation for automatic calculation
  5. If the vegetation object is large it is usually good to tick “Use Mesh Fire” for a more unique and non-uniform look.

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