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Create custom VFX Graph Flame

Example Use Case: You have an extremely stylized game and the flame variants provided in the Ignis package seem out of place. You want to invest your time to create your own VFX graph flame to work with Ignis. 

How to Implement:

You can create your own custom vfx graph flame by modifying the “Custom” VFX inside the Ignis package. Custom VFX is a template which contains only the essentials for Ignis to work. To create your own VFX:

  1. Change Flame VFX Variant to “Custom” in FlameEngine gameobject.
  1. Modify OAVA-Flame/VFX/Custom_Flame VFX to your liking. Short Crash course to the VFX template:
  • There are 3 systems in this order: Embers, Flame and smoke.
  • The parameters left in the graph are essential for spreading, igniting and extinguishing the flame visually. You can try to disable the blocks to see how it will affect.
  • Inside VFX you will find sticky notes, which will explain my own blocks.
  1. Done!

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