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Add Lights to the flame

Example Use Case: You want the flammable object to illuminate a dark area when in flames.

Example in Demo Scene: TutorialObjects->Lights+IgnitedByUser flammable object has illuminating lights attached.

How to implement:

  1. You can add flame to trigger global illuminating lights.
  2. Add your own flame simulating lights and how you want them to look to scene.
  3. (Optional) Add Flame Light Flicker script to the light for automatic flicker and smoothing in.
  4. Add the lights to the desired flammable object “Additional/Flame lights” list.
  5. Done! Your flames will activate when the object is on fire && fire spread is spread to the point of light.
  6. See Sample Scene/Tutorial Objects/Lights + IgnitedByUser object for an example.

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