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Manually control flame life cycle

Example Use Cases: You want to create atmospheric flames or synchronize flames between clients of your multiplayer game. You want manually to control the flame progress and spread.

  1. Set Flammable object -> System -> Fire Crawl Speed to 0
  2. When Fire Crawl is set to 0, you can see that nothing is happening even if the object should flame up. 
  3. Even in this mode you need an object to somehow catch flames to tell the system to spawn the culled VFX and start the burn.
    1. You can traditionally use other flames
    2. SetThisOnFireOnStart to spawn the culled flames on start (If you have lot of objects this will eat performance)
    3. Programmatically set the objects on flames in the right moment. Just Call FlammableObject->TryToSetOnFire() with right origin and high ignite power. 
  4. Now you can control the progress with Flammable Object -> Advanced -> Fire spread and On Fire Timer.

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