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Convert Skinned Mesh

Example Use Case: You have modeled an animated enemy or character. You want the animated object to be able to ignite in flames. 

The flames can be attached to the bones of the skinned mesh.

  1. Select object(s) you want convert in object hierarchy (scene or prefab)
    1. Can be a parent which holds many LODs or child objects that you want to act as a single flammable object.
    2. Or can be a single object.
  2. Right-click -> OAVA-Convert -> Flammable Skinned Mesh
  1. Set the Auto-placement variables.

Min distance between bones is the minimum distance of two flame spawns when moving along the bones.

Min distance between any means minimum distance between any flame spawns (Not comparing against the last bone spawn).

  1. Click convert and follow the usual setup steps mentioned in “Convert flammable object”
  2. The script will create colliders for spawning the flames inside the skinned meshes bones. You can also set up the colliders yourself if you want specific parts of the skinned mesh to burn. Just add box colliders to the desired bones and set them to “IsTrigger” if you want.

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