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Nullify/Extinguish using your own particle system

Example: You have a firefighter who shoots water from a hose. You use your own particle system and want the flames to be extinguished by it.


  1. Your own particle systems can be used to nullify/extinguish. The nullify/extinguish effect is done using particle collisions and can be used with any custom particle system.
  2. First you need to make sure that your particle system:
    1. Has enabled Collision
    2. Has collision type-> World
    3. Has enabled Collision->enable dynamic collisions
    4. Has enabled Collision->Send collision message
  1. Add “Particle Nullify” Component to your gameobject which has the particle system.
  2. Adjust particleNullifyRadius and incrementalPower parameters
    1. Should be low with high number of particles
    2. Should be high with a low number of particles.
  3. Done. Now you can test the effect and adjust the parameters.
    1. Note that if you don’t have any colliders (triggers don’t count) on your object particles cannot detect collisions. In this case:
    2. Use the raycast method Nullify/Extinguish Effects with raycast or overlap sphere
    3. Add a collider with a layer that rigidbodies and other objects do not collide with.

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