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  1. Always backup your project before installing new extensions
  2. Make sure you have Visual Effects Graph 11.0+ Installed.
    1. Go to Window->Package manager
    2. Change Packages to Unity Registry
    3. Find Visual Effects Graph
    4. Install if not installed
  1. Open sample scene
    1. URP -> Arctibyte/Magio/Demo/URP/Scenes/URP_SampleScene
    2. HDRP -> Arctibyte/Magio/Demo/HDRP/Scenes/HDRP_SampleScene
  2. Press play and play around in the demo scene making sure effects are applied.
  3. Demo Scene controls: Q & E to change spells, left-click shoot, WASD to move
  4. If you are getting errors on all/some effects:
    1. Make sure you have visual effects graph installed
    2. Re-import Magio folder (Right-click->Re-import)

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