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Nullify/Extinguish Effects with raycast or overlap sphere

Example 1: You want to extinguish flames with some area effect.

Example 2: You want to remove the plants from some area of your object.


  1. Create empty game object
  2. Add Component -> Sphere Nullify
    1. You can also Add Component -> Raycast Nullify in case of weapon fire etc.
  3. Choose affected class (In this tutorial, flame is used to extinguish the flames)
  1. Test it out by moving the sphere to the object you are burning/want to nullify! Remember to have the right affected class!


  • You can also make this as a prefab which you instantiate in case of explosion/magic/etc.
  • You can control the cast by disabling “Repeating raycast” and calling SphereNullifyCast() or CastRayCastNullify()
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