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Magio Core vs Magio PRO

FeatureMagio CoreMagio Pro
Magio Effects Per Object1Unlimited
Any Mesh Support✔️✔️
Skinned Mesh Support✔️✔️
Effect Behaviour Customization✔️✔️
Wind integration✔️✔️
VFX customization✔️✔️
Material animation modes23
3rd-party shader support✔️✔️
Triggers/Hooks support✔️✔️
Custom Lights support✔️✔️
Custom Ignition✔️✔️
Custom Nullify✔️✔️
3rd-party Integrations✔️✔️
Open code and VFX graphs✔️✔️
Create custom effects & packs✔️✔️
Extend easily with effect packs✔️✔️
Included Core effects36
Included HQ Effects3
Effect interaction✔️

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