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Installing VFX Add-on

This tutorial talks about Poison & Wet add-on but basically works for any effect pack.

Quick Start

Make sure you have installed “Magio – Interactive effect engine” and it works. Then simply open a demo scene according to your pipeline: Arctibyte/Magio/EffectPacks/PoisonAndWet/Scenes…

It should work right away.

Install to your scenes

  1. Select MagioEngine in your scene
  1. Add WetAndPoison Pack to the “Effect Packs” list.
  1. It should now appear to MagioObjectEffect->EffectPack

Installing the diffusion profiles

The smoke or water could look weird without a diffusion profile, so let’s add them to your project!

Add Smoke and Water diffusion profiles to your scene OR your project:

Steps to add it to scene:

  1. Open your Global Volume in your scene
  2. Add Diffusion Profile Override
  3. Add Smoke & Water

Steps to add it to project:

  1. Open Edit..->Project Settings->HDRP Default settings.
  2. Add smoke & Water to Diffusion Profile List

Nullify ruleset (e.g. Water can extinguish fire)

The default nullify ruleset only takes into account the effects in Magio Originals pack. You can extend the ruleset by selecting the ruleset:

And adding one new rule like this to the list (You can add anything you would like): 

OR you can change the ruleset to use the ruleset provided in poison & wet package:

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