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The Basics

Mesh Or Skinned Mesh

Magio should automatically detect if you are converting a mesh object or skinned mesh object. In case where you have meshes and skinned meshes on the same object, you may need to change it yourself. You can change it by choosing VFX Spawner Type.

Effect Packs

By default Magio comes with two effect packs: Magio Originals and Magio Originals HQ. 

Magio Originals:

Performance first. Compatible with both URP and HDRP. Use this pack if you plan to have a lot of effects on the screen at the same time.

Magio Originals HQ:

Some of the effects have HQ variants. Compatible with HDRP (Partial support with newer URP versions, test those out). These are Quality First variants and should be used with patience for high-end machines.

Using Magio Originals HQ

Some of the effects have HQ variants. Compatible with HDRP (Partial support with newer URP versions, test those out). These are Quality First variants and should be used with patience for high-end machines.

If smoke from your flame is green please follow these steps to add smoke diffusion profile:

Steps to add it to scene:

  1. Open your Global Volume in your scene
  2. Add Diffusion Profile Override
  3. Add Smoke

Steps to add it to project:

  1. Open Edit..->Project Settings->HDRP Default settings.
  2. Add smoke to Diffusion Profile List

Changing the Effects

You can change the effect by choosing one you would like in the effect menu. The menu lists all the effects inside the pack. After choosing the effect head to the VFX tab and click “Preview VFX”.

Adjusting the VFX parameters

Objects come in various sizes, colors and shapes so one setup cannot cover all the cases. If you want the effects to fit your object perfectly, head to the VFX menu and adjust all the parameters there. It is usually good to have “Preview VFX” on while doing this.

Adjusting the Material Animation

Magio supports using Magio shaders and your own custom/third-party shaders. Third-party/custom shaders can animate the color and float properties while Magio shader can override texture, overlay emission or dissolve. All effects in effects packs come with ready-made defaults for the material animation.

Magio Shader:

Has three modes which can be toggled: 

Emission_Overlay: Overlay emitting texture over the current texture according to the spread.

Texture_Override: Override the texture according to spread.

Dissolve: Dissolve according to spread.

Third-party/Custom Shader

Some shaders have ready made compatibilities out-of-the-box and should look like this in the editor:

You can create compatibility manually for any shader. Follow instructions on “Create Compatibility for a third-party shader”.

Basic behaviour

Effects can be either spreading or enabled. The effects will start to fade out by default after Fade Out Start_s seconds is reached and will transition to completely faded out after Fade Out Start_s + Fade Out Length_s

Spreading (default)

  • Effect will spread with a speed of Effect Crawl speed from the origin where it was ignited. 
    • If “Begin Effect On Start” is ticked
      • Default starting point is origin of the transform
      • Custom start origin can be assigned by assigning the other transform to Custom Start Origin.
    • Else: The origin is where ignition of the effect happened.
  • Effect can be only ignited by objects/Ignition scripts that have the Effect class. E.g. grass cannot ignite the flames and vice versa.
  • Effect will spread to other objects if Spread to Other Objects is ticked. It will use the Spread Layer mask to look for collisions around it’s COLLIDERS (Not the mesh or VFX for performance reasons). 
    • Accepted colliders are all excluding the Mesh collider. If you want to use Mesh colliders on your objects –  add other colliders for spreading and enable “Is trigger” or move them to the “No physics” layer to disable the physics collisions for them.
  • Object will ignite after it has stayed in the igniting effect/script for Ignition Time


Effect will be fully enabled right after the script or game object is enabled.

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