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How to claim FREE ADD-ON

Magic Grass – Free Magio Add-on

  • You need to own Magio.
  • Needs Magio 0.9.1+ to work.
  • You need to leave a review for Magio to claim the add-on


  • Can simulate grass on any object.
  • Customize the grass to your liking.
  • One MagioObjectEffect of Magic Grass can interact (bend etc.) with one external object at the time.

How To Claim The Add-On

1. (Optional but highly recommended) Leave an honest review for Magio:

2. After leaving the review, click on your username in the asset review or find out your review page another way

3. This should take you to the page where you see all your reviews. Copy the URL of the page

4. Fill out the form on bottom of this page with your email and the URL you just copied.

5. The link to the package should arrive to your email.

6. Download and import the package to your project with Magio already installed

7. Done, have fun!

Claim the Magic Grass Add-on

This does not subscribe you to any newsletters. Email is just used to tie the review to the user.
Submit your Unity User’s Review page URL

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