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How to upgrade to Magio Pro from Magio Core

  1. Before upgrading, backup your project and make sure not to inspect magio objects before you have completed these steps.
  2. Import Magio Pro to your project where you have Magio lite
  3. If you already have Magio Lite objects in your scenes you just need to make them cross-compatible by adding the effect packs in the right order
  4. Open MagioEngine gameobject in your scene.
  5. Make sure the effect packs are in this order and add missing ones: MagioCore, MagioOriginals, MagioOriginalsHQ
  • The effects should now be as before.

Magio does not work

Make sure you are using URP/HDRP with Visual effects graph 11.0+ and you have read at least a Quick-start guide. Also see MagioObjectEffect->Errors tab for any errors with your object setup. For bugs, please submit an issue in support.arctibyte.com.

Errors on Sample scene on all/some effects

Make sure you have visual effects graph installed

Re-import Magio folder (Right-click->Re-import).

I am using Magio Originals HQ/Flame Wild HQ and the smoke is green

To use HQ Flame you need to add a diffusion profile for the smoke in your diffusion profiles in the scene or project.

Steps to add it to scene:

  1. Open your Global Volume in your scene
  2. Add Diffusion Profile Override
  3. Add Smoke

Steps to add it to project:

  1. Open Edit..->Project Settings->HDRP Default settings.
  2. Add smoke to Diffusion Profile List

Using lot of effects kills my Frames Per Second

Well yes. You have to be smart using these effects. A lot of effects will probably have a performance impact. MagioEngine->Performance has some settings you can try out and optimize. Other ways to optimize is culling etc.


That’s because the VFX effect has a fixed capacity set to something to not crash your system and damage your performance. You can always chop your objects into smaller pieces to add more precise effects. To up the capacity you need to open VFX graphs and set the capacity higher:

Can I use Magio with Oculus Quest?

Visual effect graph should work with Oculus quest. However you need to build the project to VULKAN instead of OpenGL for it to work. VFX Graph is not yet out-of-preview for mobile platforms so use it at your own risk.

Can I use Ignis on mobile?

The VFX graph has issues with some mobile GPUs so Magio does not officially support mobile builds. However Mobile support is on product board of VFX Graph, follow it here: https://portal.productboard.com/unity/1-unity-platform-rendering-visual-effects/c/119-urp-support-compute-capable-devices-only-high-end-mobile-support

Can I enable effects through code?

Yes. In the case of “Enabled” effect behaviour mode you can just enable the game object. In case of “Spread” effect behaviour mode, you can call myMagioObject.TryToAnimateEffect().

The VFX does not spread on touch of other VFX

This is due to the design. Effects VFX particles are simulated on GPU to gain that lightning fast performance and due to that cannot interact with other objects. This means that ignition is done with math based on colliders. You can change the Ignition area in MagioObjectEffect->System->Effect Spread Area addition. This adds an area around your collider. You can see the ignition area around the magio object as red gizmos.

Can I create Magio Effect Packs from my effects and sell them in the asset store?

Yes, absolutely you can. Just include an effect pack scriptable object, graphs and graph prefabs in your package. Do not include any scripts/graphs/files from Magio asset, this is not allowed.

Magio VS Ignis, How do they differ/compare?

Ignis is not exact subset of Magio, but Magio uses some building blocks of Ignis.

Advantages of Magio over Ignis:
– More polished flame in HDRP
– Can use Capsule, Box or Sphere colliders to spread, whereas Ignis can use only Boxes.
– Automatically spawns the flames to Mesh/Skinned Mesh points, making it little bit faster to use. Ignis uses Box colliders to spawn the flames.
– Much more features such as interaction with other kind of effects.

Advantages of Ignis over Magio:
– If you do not want whole mesh in the mesh renderer to catch flame, it is harder to design the fire placements in Magio than in Ignis.
– More fire variants (maybe Magio will have more some day as well)
– Ignis supports Built-in RP where Magio does not
– Ignis supports Unity 2019.3+ where Magio supports only 2021.1+
– Ignis interface is designed for only fire, making it little bit clearer if you only plan to use fire.

In conclusion, if you plan to use Built-in RP or older Unity editor versions or want to design the fire placements Ignis is the right bet, but if you want more features and effects and more advanced system Magio is the right tool.

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