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Convert Object to Multi-Effect Object

Example use case: You have an enemy that can be affected by all the main characters’ magic: Flame, Ice, Electric etc. Mesh and Skinned Mesh are supported automatically.


  1. Select object in the scene hierarchy.
  2. Right click->Magio Convert->To Multi-effect Magio Object
  1. Convert the materials you want to be converted (Recommended to convert all)
  2. Magio Effect Master will spawn in the root of your object. This shows all effects that your object has.
  3. Click “Add Effect” as many times as the count of effects you want (Make 4 effects in total for this tutorial).
  1. Click Edit on the first one;
  1. This will take you to hierarchy where the effect handles are created:
  1. Give some descriptive names to your effects, such as “Cube flame” or “Long plants”.
  2. After this you can inspect and customize all effects like Simple Magio Effects.
  3. Try it out: 
    1. Create a new empty gameobject.
    2. Add component->Sphere Ignite
    3. Move it so the sphere will touch your newly converted Magio Object
  1. Play the scene.
  2. Change Sphere Ignite affected class to “Grass” (You need to have a Plantify effect inside your object)
  1. Change affected class to “Flame” and see the grass burn.

11. All the interaction between two different effects is defined in FlameEngine->Nullify Rule Set.

  1. Nullify Rule set is a set of rules for how objects behave. 
  2. E.g. Flame can burn grass, Petrifying the object will put out flames, Grass cannot spread if the object is already in flames.
  3. If you want to modify these rules see “Change effect internal interact rules”

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