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Full Feature List

Convert (Two-click convert):

  • Simple one effect object
  • Multi-element/Effect object
  • Splash

Automatically can convert HDRP/URP Lit and Unlit shaders to Magio shader.

Works with:

  • Skinned Mesh Renderer
  • Mesh Renderer

Effect behaviour

  • Spread/enable at once
  • Use on this/target gameobject
  • Begin effect on Start()
  • Custom origin of spread
  • Effect classes can only spread within same class
  • Effect spread speed
  • Effect Layer mask
  • Spread to other objects
  • Use specific colliders
  • Fade out time
  • Fade out length
  • Ignition time
  • Can effect be used more than once
  • Affected by wind
  • Added external velocity to effect
  • Custom effect mesh filters
  • Slow animations on effect start (e.g. Petrify)
  • Performance optimization


Various parameters customizable on every VFX e.g.:

  • Color
  • Multiplier
  • Length
  • Alpha
  • And many more depending on the effect (also more can be added manually)!

Material animation:

Magio Shader modes:

  • Dissolve
  • Emission overlay
  • Texture override

Magio Shader customization options

  • Color
  • Noise
  • Tiling etc.

3rd-party shader options:

  • Animate color
  • Animate Emission color
  • Animate float

Scene integrations:

  • Linearly animated SFX
  • Linearly animated Lights
  • Event hooks
  • Triggers
  • Collision output

Ignition integrations

  • Raycast
  • Particle
  • Sphere

Nullify/Extinguish Integrations

  • Raycast
  • Particle
  • Sphere

3rd-party integrations

  • Unity Terrain
  • Vegetation studio pro
  • The Vegetation Engine
  • Naturemanufacture environments
  • MTree

Integrations with shaders and events (molotov, magic etc.) can be easily created. Info in docs.

Original Effects

  • Flame
  • Melt
  • Petrify
  • Plantify
  • Freeze
  • Electric
  • Flame HQ
  • Plantify HQ
  • Freeze HQ

HQ means that it uses Lit output and other not-so high-performance techniques. Currently only for HDRP, but should work with URP in the future.


  • Editor tools
  • Editor VFX preview
  • Editor Material animation Preview
  • Editor error-helper window


  • High quality Demo scenes for HDRP and URP with code and visuals
  • Easily integrate your own effects done in Visual Effects Graph to Magio
  • Open code and graphs
  • Tutorials
  • API-documentation
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