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Create your own Magio effect with VFX Graph

Example: You want to create your own, let’s say, spreading snow effect to use with magio.


  1. Easiest way is to duplicate the default magio template to start building your own effect.
    1. Navigate to Arctibyte/Magio/Core/VFX/Graphs
    2. Duplicate Mesh_TemplateMagio (Ctrl+D)
      1. You can also duplicate the Skinned Mesh template if you want.
      2. You can also duplicate the “MutableRenderer” template. MutableRenderer can handle both mesh and skinned mesh, but you have to be a little more flexible with it.
  1. Rename it to anything you like, but start with “Mesh_”
  2. Drag it to the scene to make it a game object.
  1. Drag it back from the scene to the project window to make it a prefab.
  1. Select your target game object which has been converted to magio object.
    1. Change Effect pack->Select effect prefab
    2. Drag your new effect to the effect prefab slot
    3. Go to VFX tab
    4. Press Preview VFX
  1. Your object should start emitting the default VFX right from it’s surface!
  1.  Now you can start modifying the VFX graph you created earlier by double clicking.
    1. See some tutorials of Unity Visual Effects graph if you are not familiar with it.
  2. Magio property documentation can be seen in Arctibyte/Magio/Core/VFX/Graphs/VFX_Property_Documentation.txt

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