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Converting your first object

Magio can handle spawning an effect on the object in various ways. Here are instructions for the simplest conversion. Mesh and Skinned Mesh are supported automatically.

  1. Select the object you want to convert from the scene hierarchy.
  2. Right-click->Magio Convert->Simple Magio Object.
  1. If you are using standard lit/unlit shaders, pop-up will ask if you want to convert the shaders. If you want to fully take advantage of Magio you need to convert shaders, but for some effects it is okay to not convert them. Select/De-select shaders you want to convert and click “Convert”
  1. All the materials you selected should be now converted to Magio Shader and new script “Magio Object Effect” should appear
  1. First see if there are any errors in the “Errors tab” and fix them. Note that your mesh model needs to have Read/Write enabled. (https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/FBXImporter-Model.html)
  1. Go to MagioObjectEffect->VFX. Click the Preview VFX button. Flames should appear. Stop the preview.
  2. Go to MagioObjectEffects->Material Animation
    1. Magio shaders should be found if you converted the material
    2. Press preview shader. Material should transform to “hot” emitting material. Stop the preview.
  1. Go to MagioObjectEffect->System.
    1. Tick Begin effect on start.
    2. Hover your mouse on one of the properties to see documentation on the tooltip.
  1. Press play and you should see Flames coming from your object.
  2. Done! You are now ready to move on to changing the parameters of the VFX and shader or changing the effect!

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