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Matt asked 2 years ago

The effects are not working for me the same across all objects. If I test out the melt for example on a primitive Unity cube it works perfect but on one of my fbx humanoid models it doesn’t work, it might just light up or the dust particles appear in a weird position or very few. I checked the model and its read/write applied and its not static. Are there any other settings in the fbx that need to be set?

Matt replied 2 years ago

To specifically explain the problem, I have a base mesh humanoid in the T-pose, when I test out the melt on this model it works perfectly. I want to animate this humanoid so I rigged it, now when it is rigged none of the effects work properly on it. Can you explain that?

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Thomas Staff answered 2 years ago


Problem was with the model scale (model was really small when it was imported and then scaled up in Unity). Make sure you have your skinned meshes imported at (1,1,1) scale on SkinnedMeshRenderer.


Make sure that you have converted every shader to Magio shader. After that make sure that your Magio Object effect is set to skinned effect spawner type. It should work on all skinned meshes as long as you have skinned mesh renderer on your hierarchy on your target object.

If this does not help, a video from the problem and your setup would help. Also steps to reproduce/example mock project would help.

All the best,

Thomas Staff replied 2 years ago

There is also an example rigged humanoid in the demo scene (tree man). Maybe studying the setup on that could help 🙂

Matt replied 2 years ago

I studied and the treeman but I still can’t get it to work. I made a video showing the model settings then showing what the effect is doing. The material is the Magio Shader, its not static the vfx is set to skinned effect spawner type.

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