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gregory asked 3 years ago

hi, really cool stuff! would like to know if magio can do same fire effects as ignis, and if not what are the differences? Also, if there is a difference is there is discount if have to purchase both? thanks so much!

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Thomas Staff answered 3 years ago

glad you asked that! Here is some comparison between Ignis and Magio (in the perspective of flame simulation):
Advantages of Magio over Ignis:
– More polished flame in HDRP
– Can use Capsule, Box or Sphere colliders to spread, whereas Ignis can use only Boxes.
– Automatically spawns the flames to Mesh/Skinned Mesh points, making it little bit faster to use. Ignis uses Box colliders to spawn the flames.
– More features such as interaction with other kind of effects.
Advantages of Ignis over Magio:
– If you do not want whole mesh in the mesh renderer to catch flame, it is harder to design the fire placements in Magio than in Ignis.
– Ignis supports Built-in RP where Magio does not
– Ignis supports Unity 2019.3+ where Magio supports only 2021.1+
– Ignis interface is designed for only fire, making it little bit clearer if you only plan to use fire.
In conclusion, if you plan to use Built-in RP or older Unity editor versions or want to design the fire placements Ignis is the right bet, but if you want more features and effects and more advanced system Magio is the right tool.
As for the prices:
During the Magio Beta discount (-$50 until November) there are no additional discounts, since Magio is already discounted. After that Magio and Ignis will have -$30 discount both ways. So if you own Magio you will get Ignis for $20 and if you own Ignis you will get Magio for $120 (discounted from the full non-beta price of $150).
I hope this makes things clearer!
All the best,

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