IssuesCategory: IgnisI get a physics error on multiple scripts!
Kody asked 3 years ago

Hey, I just purchased your fire package and it looks really great in the videos but I can’t seem to get it working. When I import it I have multiple errors all having to do with the physics. Usually the easy fix it to write ‘ UnityEngine.’ before the physics line and it will fix it but then it says it can’t convert UnityEngine Collider[] to Collider[]. I don’t understand this. What do I have to do?
The two lines are:
Collider[] hits = Physics.OverlapSphere(transform.position, raycastRadius, mask);
flam.TryToSetOnFire(hit.ClosestPointOnBounds(transform.position), IgnitePowerMultiplier);

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Thomas Staff answered 3 years ago

EDIT: The error was due to the another class which was named Collider.


I suppose this has something to do with other packages/assets you have. Maybe one of them overrides Collider class. Have you tried importing Ignis to an empty project?
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Kody replied 3 years ago

The project I imported it to has no other packages/assets that would change the colliders. 90% of it is made. Could this have to do with SteamVR, that is the major plugin I am using and perhaps that is the reason the colliders would be messed up? Would there be any other reason for this?

Kody replied 3 years ago

I have used it in a project that has no assets or downloaded packages except for SteamVR. Would that be the reason?

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