IssuesCategory: IgnisHow should I control flame re-ignition or turn off flame re-ignition?
duanqingshun asked 5 months ago

Hello, I use particles to extinguish flames, but when the extinguishing progress reaches a certain level, it stops firing in the middle, and the flames re-ignite at an extremely fast speed. How should I control the speed of re-ignition or turn off re-ignition?

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Thomas Staff answered 5 months ago

You can control how easily the flames are put out (thus turning off the re-ignition) in FlammableObject->Advanced -> Full Extinguish Toughness. More Info here:
The backspread speed is the flame spread speed is defined in the line 407 code of flammable object. It is faster if flame has spread more. You can introduce your own variable to control that in that line if you want in code. Currently this is how it is defined: putOutRadius -= Time.deltaTime * fireSpread * 0.01f;
I hope this helps!
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