IssuesCategory: MagioDo you have any discount plan for Ignis user?
Minkyu asked 3 years ago


I already have Ignis.
If Ignis is subset of Magio, do you have any discount plan for Ignis?


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Thomas Staff answered 3 years ago

thank you for this question! Ignis is not exact subset of Magio, but Magio sure uses some ideas and functionality of Ignis.

For the discounts:
During the Magio Beta discount (-$50 until November) there are no additional discounts, since Magio is already discounted. After that Magio and Ignis will have permanent -$30 discount both ways. So if you own Magio you will get Ignis for $20 and if you own Ignis you will get Magio for $120 (discounted from the full non-beta price of $150).

After the beta, Magio may have some discount campaigns where you will get larger discount if you already own Ignis 🙂 I will announce all the discounts on the Discord channel.


Hope this clears things up!


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