IssuesCategory: MagioDo you have any discount plan for Ignis user?
Minkyu asked 12 months ago


I already have Ignis.
If Ignis is subset of Magio, do you have any discount plan for Ignis?


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Thomas Staff answered 12 months ago

thank you for this question! Ignis is not exact subset of Magio, but Magio sure uses some ideas and functionality of Ignis.

For the discounts:
During the Magio Beta discount (-$50 until November) there are no additional discounts, since Magio is already discounted. After that Magio and Ignis will have permanent -$30 discount both ways. So if you own Magio you will get Ignis for $20 and if you own Ignis you will get Magio for $120 (discounted from the full non-beta price of $150).

After the beta, Magio may have some discount campaigns where you will get larger discount if you already own Ignis 🙂 I will announce all the discounts on the Discord channel.


Hope this clears things up!


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