IssuesCategory: IgnisAfter updated to unity 2021, lot of errors
Laca asked 2 years ago

I get a lot of:
Value of name ‘FireVFXMultiplier’ was not found
UnityEngine.VFX.VisualEffect:SetFloat (string,single)
Ignis.FlammableObject:SetupFireConstants (UnityEngine.VFX.VisualEffect) (at Assets/OAVA-Flame/Scripts/FlammableObject/FlammableObject.cs:1351)
Ignis.FlammableObject:UpdateVFX () (at Assets/OAVA-Flame/Scripts/FlammableObject/FlammableObject.cs:1217)
Ignis.FlammableObject:Update () (at Assets/OAVA-Flame/Scripts/FlammableObject/FlammableObject.cs:426)
message. How can I fix it?

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Thomas Staff answered 2 years ago

Unity dropped support for built-in RP in Visual effects graph after 2021.3.6 (this is mentioned in Ignis asset store page as well). Your options are to downgrade to a Unity version before that or upgrade you project from built-in pipeline to URP or HDRP. If you decide to downgrade Unity Editor version you need to follow this guide to make it work:
I hope this helps!
All the best,

Laca replied 2 years ago

Sorry now it is working. I just had to double click all the vfx files…

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