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yjn asked 2 years ago

Does it not suit for 1050ti? I got a bad performance for one single burning cube, and I am using magio originals. My fps becomes unstabled.
Not burning:280~300fps
In the demo, even looking at those furnitures can impact the performance

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Thomas Staff answered 2 years ago

Of course visual effects impact performance as they are not free. Performance impact depends on the effect and how many effects you have on the screen at any point. Performance impact is also bigger if you tested it on the Unity Editor (2021.2 have many performance impacting bugs). 
So of course you cannot have 100-1000 effects on the screen at the same time. Also consider that it is really hard to maintain 280-300 fps as the fps drops more easily when fps is higher. When you have around 140 fps scene normally the fps drop is much lower and around 2-5 fps per object effect. 
As I tested the demo scene and other scenes with GTX 960 (lower than your) I could not get the fps to go under 60 even with 30+ effects on the screen at the same time as long as the scene was optimized otherwise 🙂
So in summary: of course effects affect performance, they are objects as is everything else even though they are accelerated on GPU. But if you use them with care, it should not matter too much, big part of using Unity is optimizing, nothing happens automagically.
I hope this helps,

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